Liqui-Box, a provider of liquid packaging solutions provider, has introduced new SealGard bag-in-box packaging film for the dairy industry.


Image: Liqui-Box’s new SealGard bag-in-box dairy film. Photo: courtesy of Liqui-Box All.

By using advanced resin technology, the new bag-in-box film delivers optimized toughness and durability to bag-in-box packaging for the dairy industry.

SealGard film’s durability performance has been optimized for efficient refrigerated product applications.

The new bag-in-box dairy film helps to avoid wastage of products due to leaks and punctures, enabling to optimize distribution efficiency.

Liqui-Box has enhanced the film’s refrigerated drop resistance, as well as improved seals through broader sealing window.

According to the company, the refrigerated drop test performance has showed 200% improvement compared to current industry standard dairy films and 380% improvement to impact resistance.

Liqui-Box key accounts sales director Kevin Griffin said: “We’ve been delivering advanced packaging to the dairy industry since the 1960’s and SealGard is the latest iteration in our continued focus on innovation.

“We’ve taken the time to develop a packaging film that delivers on the key performance criteria our customers require. The durability and toughness, especially for refrigerated products, is something that will add immediate value to our customers production.”

Liqui-Box, a portfolio company of Olympus Partners, provides sustainable packaging solutions for fresh and cost efficient delivery of liquid and semi-liquid products.

The company produces bag-in-box flexible packaging and pouches, which can be used in dairy, beverage, food and non-food market applications.

The firm produces bag-in-box solutions for a wide range of food and non-food applications, and the solutions are configured with various features such as oxygen and light barriers, seal strength and flex-crack resistance, and toughness and durability.

Liqui-Box is also engaged in the designing, manufacturing and delivering advanced manufacturing equipment to the bag-in-box and stand-up pouch industries.

The firm’s product applications include fountain beverage syrup, milkshake mix, coffee drinks, pumpable liquid foods such as concentrates and sauces, as well as non-food products such as oils and paints.

Liqui-Box distributes advanced filling equipment and bag-making equipment, as well as consumable packaging such as film substrates, bags with fitments, and pouches.