RPC Cresstale has been busy making a breakthrough in lipstick technology.

Named Revolve, the new technology features a two-part – as opposed to three-part – construction. RPC Cresstale says that this design ensures that the lipstick is held more firmly in place, making it less likely to pivot in its casing. It also provides a smoother operation when raising and lowering the lipstick.

The pack diameter has also been reduced, particularly around the waist area between the main body and outer casing, offering creative possibilities. “With Revolve, design aesthetics and flexibility with shape, alongside filling and formulation requirements, are all combined in one lipstick,” explains Cresstale sales manager Adam Minto.

“Revolve also creates air/moisture tight seals in different areas of the container and can allow the creation of a recyclable single polymer container. These components are impossible to achieve with traditional mechanisms.”

Revolve can be used with all existing types of lipstick designs, materials and finishes. The components for Revolve are injection moulded separately and fitted together in a new automatic assembly operation.