Making its debut on the Linx Printing Technologies stand was the The Xymark 300SL compact scribing laser coder. The new mid-powered systems is claimed to be more compact and lighter weight than other industrial laser coders in its class while also delivering “greater print performance”. Based on steered-beam technology, it is said to be suitable for a wide range of coding and marking applications on medium-paced production lines.

“With the introduction of the Xymark 300SL we aim to bring high performance laser coding to a wider market at a very affordable price and also to remove some of the ‘mystique’ associated with the use of laser coders”, says Bob Millinship, managing director of Linx Xmark. “Traditionally, lasers have been seen as the preserve of large manufacturing operations with high speed or high volume production lines. However, we are confident that the Xymark 300SL will appeal to a wide range of customers”.

The new model is said to be lightweight, robust and easy to use while offering a number of technical features which provide versatility, high performance and quality.

The company also announced the availability of Linx Black plastic-film ink 1016 which has been specifically developed for continuous ink jet printing of OPP, a material it says is becoming increasingly popular for packaging items such as confectionary, dried foods, drinks and pet foods.

Linx says the ink offers a tough, flexible code without the need for prior surface treatment and has a rapid drying time.

It is also suitable for other plastics, including PVC and nylon which can be difficult to print onto effectively, making it suitable for coding items such as cabling, plastic extrusions bottles and caps.