Heuft demonstrated its “radical new system” – designated the “Squeezer” – for on-line plastic bottle leak detection. Typically installed directly after the filler/capper, it exerts an exact pressure on the bottles via elastic belts. Any change in fill level is detected by carrying out a comparative measurement of the bottle in an unsqueezed and squeezed condition and deviations from the required fill level are rejected.

The machine can also be configured to include features such as internal pressure inspection, closure inspection and filler valve monitoring, and all information can be analysed on-line or by a remote PC.

Rapid brand changeovers are said to be achieved by using scaled adjustment handles and altering the product program.

Making its UK show debut was the eXaminer system for detecting small contaminants such as fragments of glass, stone or metal in finished products using X-ray technology. The system is said to be suitable for a wide variety of containers – including glass, plastics, metal and board – and product types.