The Meridian Progressive is the latest member of Applied Laser Engineering Ltd's (ALE's) extensive range of laser engraving systems.

This system has been optimised for the narrow to mid web printing applications. Great emphasis has been placed upon providing a cost-effective solution for small to mid size laser engraving applications.

The Meridian Progressive has been designed with the idea of each system having a low entry price and offering customers’ progressively greater productivity capabilities, as their production demands increase. The Meridian Progressive entry system purchased with a single laser would provide a productivity of 0.15 – 0.3 square metres per hour, dependent on engraving depth required. When greater productivity is required the system can be upgraded to a dual or quad beam system, doubling or quadrupling the productivity.

The Meridian Progressive machine bed uses an axial moving cylinder technique, just like a cylindrical grinder. The robust steel machine beds are optically aligned to give very high accuracy, rigidity and stability. The end-to-end consistency of engraving with the Meridian Progressive machine bed is exceptional. A further advantage of the moving cylinder technique is that a very short beam path will be required irrespective of how long a roller is to be engraved.