At Labelexpo Americas 2004 (booth 529), Stork Prints is to present “the industry’s first direct laser engravers for almost all flexo printing formes”. The multi beam Agrios 413X and single beam Morpheus 611X digital systems are claimed to be the first direct laser engravers for both flexo printing plates and sleeves. They are suitable for polymer, rubber, EPDM and elastomer flexo formes. The multifunctional Morpheus also offers the capability of engraving RotaMesh rotary screens and Novascreens.

Both systems are supplied with FlexoPower software – said to give unprecedented levels of control in defining shoulder steepness, dot sharpness and reproducibility. The plateau, image area, shoulder angle, undercut, relief depth and base size can be precisely specified by this powerful yet easy-to-use package, according to Stork.

Also making their debut at the Chicago show are a series of seamless flexo photopolymer sleeves said to offer quick change-overs, perfect register, high print quality and extreme durability. A range of lightweight gravure printing sleeves will also be displayed.

The company will also be showcasing its “ground breaking” HQP fibre optic laser technology for engraving the new generation of Stork anilox cylinders with enhanced ink release. HQP is said to offer high line-screen anilox rolls with durable cell structures and excellent ink release characteristics. The laser’s wavelength is low, like that of a YAG laser, making screens exceeding 2,000 lpi possible. Also, its high thermal component allows a vitrified, durable cell inner lining to be created. The combination of these qualities results in a cell structure with excellent release properties, it is stated.

Finally, Stork will present the new Cromalin B2 and B3 color proofers manufactured exclusively for DuPont.


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