A Schiavi open house, held during the recent Plast’03 exhibition in Milan, focused on a range of complete laminating solutions.

A speaker from Rohm and Haas introduced the Robond L series of adhesives for water based dry bond laminating, which was followed by a water based lamination demonstration on a Schiavi Ecoflex coater laminator. During the demonstration, a 25 micron co-extruded PP film was laminated to a 30 micron PP printed film at 200m/min using Robond L-100 one-component adhesive. Schiavi says this showed that the latest adhesives eliminate the issues seen in the past with water based lamination – poor wettability, slow drying and scum formation.

The Ecoflex–Robond L combination is said to offer solutions that are both environmentally friendly and cost effective compared with solvent based adhesives, whilst the quality of the laminates is comparable to solventless and solvent based lamination.


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