Tagging technology specialist Flying Null has condemned the UK Government’s “unambitious” targets for tackling tobacco racketeering, which the EC has highlighted as a major source of funding for terrorists.

Says Flying Null: “In the face of increased terrorism, the Government is penalizing law abiding citizens because it chooses to collect ‘easy’ taxes rather than close these massive tax loopholes”. lt warns that without radical new measures and stringent targets to combat illegal bootlegging, the Government “will foster an increase in terrorist crime”.

If the Government is serious about stamping out terrorist funding, far more aggressive targets should be put in place to combat smuggling, warns Flying Null chairman Danny Chapchal. “The increased threat of terrorism means that hitting potential sources of terrorist funding should be made a number one priority,” he claims. “The Government is guilty of complacency on the issue – it has reduced its investment in tackling the problem and has not updated its anti contraband technology since 2000 – but, by contrast, its increased taxation on cigarettes in the same timeframe is making it an increasingly lucrative market for criminals.”

Flying Null’s patented Electro Magnetic Identification (EMID) technology offers a low cost magnetic based tag solution for brand protection, authentication and tracking. The tiny tags can be embedded into virtually any non metallic product and/or its packaging during the manufacturing process. Each tag can carry vital information that will allow the inspector to determine point of manufacture, intended point of sale and product batch number.


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