Lacerta Group, a US-based plastics thermoformer company, has expanded its Fresh n’ Sealed anti-tamper food packaging range to applications beyond cold foods by using Milliken’s NX UltraClear polypropylene (PP).

It uses US based chemicals company’s NX UltraClear PP in place of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) in the container and lid which make these packaging materials microwavable.

The polypropylene material from Milliken has high temperature resistance with good clarity and light weight feature.

It is also claimed to enhance the freshness of contents in the packages.  

Lacerta president Ali Lotfi said: “Our updated Fresh n’ Sealed packaging is one of the first clear PP designs to provide anti-tamper features. Our customers will get the same benefits supplied by our PET containers, plus the ability to use this packaging far more broadly for hot-fill applications and for microwaving.

“We’re confident that Fresh n’ Sealed containers made with NX UltraClear PP will be even more appealing to consumers who value convenience and quality. Our ongoing collaboration with Milliken is helping Lacerta take the lead in delivering next generation packaging for the fast-growing fresh-to-go market.”

With microwavable feature, the packages can be conveniently reheated without requiring transfer of the content to a microwave-safe container. It comes with vents in the lid which will allow moisture/steam to exit out of the contents while heating.

The new packaging can be used with meal kits, soup kits and ready-to-go meals while shoppers can visualize package contents to check freshness of the food items packed inside.

Milliken Chemical business development manager Emily Blair said: “We have been gratified by the growing adoption of NX UltraClear PP in retail food packaging, but until now, this packaging has not addressed demands for tamper-evident/tamper-resistant capability.

“With Lacerta’s introduction of Fresh n’ Sealed packaging made with our advanced material, food retailers can now offer customers the aesthetics of crystal-clear packaging and the convenience of microwavability, combined with the safety and quality assurance of anti-tamper features.”

The new polypropylene material  recyclable and doesn’t require overwrap or shrink bands, which reduces reduce costs and complexity, the company added.

Image: The Fresh n’ Sealed Packaging is one of the first clear polypropylene designs to offer tamper-evident properties. Photo: courtesy of Milliken Chemical.