The five-colour Rapida 106 press was installed at L/M/B Louko’s facility in Nuremberg in mid-May 2020


L/M/B Druck managing director Oliver Stapfer with Rapida 106 press. (Credit: Koenig & Bauer AG)

Germany-based printing firm L/M/B Louko has purchased Rapida 106 press from Koenig & Bauer to boost its operations.

The new press, which was installed at the company’s facility in Nuremberg in mid-May 2020, features five printing units, a coater, and hybrid facilities for both conventional and UV finishing.

L/M/B Louko, which already operates a nine-colour model from the same, will use the new press to undertake economical production of jobs including a full range of conventional and UV coatings, such as drip-off and matt/gloss effects, as well as finishing with gold or silver-coated PET film.

In a press statement, Koenig & Bauer said: “Multiple washing and coating circuits used in the coater allow the conversion from conventional to UV coatings or vice versa to be completed faster.

“Moreover, the new press boasts the same equipment features as the Rapida 106 already being used in production.

“The primary objective of the new press is to print the same production volume as before but in just half the time. This will be accompanied by a substantial reduction in material consumption and a significant improvement to energy efficiency.”

Rapida 106 hybrid press features side layay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS

The five-colour Rapida 106 hybrid press feature side layay-free infeed DriveTronic SIS, simultaneous plate changing with DriveTronic SPC, and AniloxLoader with DriveTronic SFC

At the Nuremberg facility, L/M/B Druck undertakes printing operations for high-volume covers, order cards and supplements for mail-order with a primary focus on fashion and electronics.

In May last year, Marrs Printing & Packaging, a provider of full-service digital and offset print, purchased Rapida 106 press to ensure brand integrity and improved quality printing.