Kraton Polymers has formed a new business group dedicated to packaging and polymer modification.

“Our new group will include dedicated research and development resources and a sales team specifically for these segments to help foster innovation and speed products to market that meet our customers’ needs,” said vice president for the Americas Garret Davies.

The new packaging and polymer modification group will concentrate on the technology enhancements and research needed to provide the global packaging and polymer modification markets with focus, speed, flexibility and growth.

Kraton Polymers will continue offering products that can enhance high styrene applications, films, bags, stretch film and disposable packaging, as well as modifying polystyrene, polypropylene, polyamides, ETPs and TPEs.

Leading the newly formed packaging group is Tracy Baugh. Baugh has significant experience in the plastics industry and previously held the position of sales manager for Kraton Polymers’ compounds, alloys and polymer systems group, with a focus on the packaging market.