The lidding films are suitable for the packaging of poultry, meat, and chilled prepared foods


The sustainable films can be sealed and peeled from PP and PE-lined PP trays. (Credit: KM Packaging Services Ltd.)

Flexible packaging and lidding films provider KM Packaging has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of new mono-polymer material lidding films.

Developed for recyclability, the new mono-polymer material lidding films have been produced using polypropylene (PP).

The sustainable films hold the capacity to seal and peel from PP and PE-lined PP trays. They can also be used during microwave cooking and suitable for ambient, chilled, or frozen applications.

The new sustainable lidding film range will help meet the increasing demand from supermarkets

The new films, which are part of KM’s K Peel range, helps food manufacturers to efficiently meet the increasing demand from supermarkets for recyclable mono-material packaging solutions.

KM’s llidding films can be used for the packaging of poultry, meat, and chilled prepared foods.

Various benefits offered by the new film range include available with or without barrier, advanced transparent and antifog capabilities.

According to the company, the PP lidding film can be recycled across the world and some countries include advanced recycling infrastructures for polyolefin polyethylene and polypropylene) plastics.

Front-of-store recycling facilities enable consumers to return polyolefin-based flexible packaging in the UK.

The company recently also launched all-polyester (PET), weld-seal, mono-material lidding films, which are part of the K Seal range.

KM Packaging works to protect products across the entire process ranging from the factory to the table and provides better solutions to preserve food and extend shelf-life across the food industry.

KM Packaging commercial director Graham Holding said: “If you have a piece of flexible packaging that, for example, is a combination of paper, plastic, and aluminium foil, then that would be a really difficult thing to segregate and put into a recycling stream.

“It is anticipated that the UK government’s Extended Packaging Producer responsibility regulations, due in 2023, will quite highly penalise packaging like this that is difficult to recycle.”

In June 2018, KM Packaging introduced KPeel PLUS+ range of lidding solutions, which are designed to meet the food manufacturers’ challenges when working in demanding tray sealing conditions.