The latest order forms part of the Brazilian company’s second phase of the investment project, dubbed PUMA II


Brazil’s Klabin selects Valmet for pulp and board technology delivery. (Credit: jaymethunt from Pixabay)

Brazilian packaging paper producer Klabin has signed an agreement with Valmet for the supply of pulp and board technology delivery to enhance its manufacturing capabilities.

Under the contract, Valmet will supply a paperboard making line (PM 28), a complete new fiberline including a new Continuous Cooking G3, and a new bleached chemi thermo-mechanical pulp (BCTMP) line, all with extensive scopes of automation and Valmet Industrial Internet solutions.

Valmet stated that PM 28, the BCTMP line and the fiberline are scheduled to commence operations in the second quarter of 2023. The value of the orders is not revealed.

The latest orders form part of the Brazilian company’s second phase of the investment project, dubbed PUMA II.

Under the first phase, announced in 2019, Valmet delivered the kraftliner machine (PM27) and the fiberline with Continuous Cooking G3.

As part of the second phase, the BCTMP and fiber lines will be combined with the new board making line PM 28, which will be a so-called flex machine.

The machine will manufacture a wide range of board grades from kraftliner to coated boards such as folding box boards (FBB) and liquid packaging boards (LPB) with a provision to add bio-barrier grades to the portfolio in the future.

Valmet pulp and energy business line president Bertel Karlstedt said: “For the first phase of the project, we delivered a new Continuous Cooking G3 technology that is tailored for southern hardwood.

“This second phase is a natural continuation in the utilisation of our leading technologies. Our BCTMP technology offers excellent raw material efficiency and high bulk which enables sustainable light-weighted carton board production.”

Under the contract, Valmet will be responsible for the delivery of equipment for stock preparation and approach flow systems and a complete three-ply coated board making line (PM 28) from headboxes to reel as well as a winder with automated transfer rails and roll handling systems.

The automation delivery includes a Valmet DNA automation system for process and machine controls and Valmet IQ quality control system.

With a design speed of 1,200 m/min, the 9,000-mm wide (wire) machine will produce kraftliner, liquid packaging board and folding boxboard grades with a design basis weight range of 150-350g/m2. The machine has an annual capacity of 460,000 tonnes.

The fiberline has the flexibility to produce eucalyptus hardwood pulp or southern pine softwood pulp. The machine has a design capacity of 1,000 tonnes per day for eucalyptus pulp and 800 tonnes per day for pine pulp.

Valmet said that the fiberline delivery includes a Continuous Cooking G3 with ImpBin technology for steaming and impregnation of the wood chips.

BCTMP line, with a capacity of 400 tonnes per day, includes an impregnation system, high consistency refining stage, bleaching system, low consistency refining, screening, dewatering and washing.

It was custom-built by Valmet and Klabin based on work done by respective technology centres.