Kite’s new product range helps to reduce unnecessary waste


Kite Packaging has launched a range of oversized bags and polythene furniture bags (Credit: cocoparisienne from Pixabay)

UK-based Kite Packaging has expanded its product portfolio with the addition of a range of oversized bags, polythene furniture bags, shrink covers and continuous shrink tubing.

The company’s new range will efficiently protect a range of products and reduce unnecessary waste.

Kite’s oversized bags are available in both light and heavy-duty versions

Kite’s oversized bags can be used in a range of applications for any large item that will adapt to the usable dimensions.

Available in both light and heavy-duty versions, the oversized bags are suitable to protect items in storage against elements such as dust and moisture. The heavy-duty product protects against extreme weather conditions, scrapes, scratches and dirt.

The polythene furniture bags are designed to be used for storing and transporting furniture. The light-duty items will protect items in storage from dirt and dust, while heavy-duty bags will protect furniture against dirt, dust, scrapes and extreme weather conditions.

Kite is offering each option as either gusseted to better fit items with even sides such as mattresses, or centre folded suitable for items that don’t have even corners such as sofas.

Kite’s pallet shrink covers are designed for covering full pallets, as well as for use with the company’s range of shrink guns. The range protects against moisture, dirt and theft.

The company has used shrinkable 100μ high strength blend polythene to produce pallet shrink covers. It is available as perforated on a roll or boxed as singles.

Kite’s shrink tubing has been developed to use with the company’s range of shrink guns. It fits pallets with a base size of 1200mm x 1000mm and 1200mm x 1200mm.

In November 2019, Kite Packaging launched a range of new industrial products to help customers improve their warehouse operations.

The company launched Coreless hand pallet wrap dispenser for efficient wrapping of pallets and reduce some of the risks associated with wrapping by hand.