UK-based Kite Packaging has launched its new magnum sized air shock protection to its online offering.


Image: New magnum air shock bottle cushioning. Photo: Courtesy of Kite Packaging Ltd.

The company introduced its new magnum air shock bottle packaging into the market in advance to the festive celebrations ahead.

Kite Packaging said for businesses that send out celebratory bottles of champagne or any other spirit bottles in larger sizes, it would be difficult to find the right quality packaging that is suitable for the job in hand.

The company’s new larger air shock bottle packaging claims to provide the better care and protection for goods throughout the transit period. The segmented, inflated air pouches from kite serves good for the packaging.

Kite’s another addition to its suite of air shock cushioning is the new mobile pack. The dimensions of the packaging have been  designed to hold a range of phones on the market.

To keep high value electrical items in a safe post or on the road could be a major concern for many businesses. Kite claims to offers the ideal protection through a range of air shock for electronics, thus keeping damages to a minimum.

To offer better range of moisture absorption protection, Kite’s product experts have recently launched two new types of desiccants apart from the existing silica gel.

The new clay desiccant is an economical and preserves the quality and properties of products from moisture attacks. It also provides an inexpensive, eco-friendly moisture absorption.

The new molecular sieve desiccant is specifically effective against water vapor. It works more quickly and reduces the water vapor to the lowest levels even at intense temperatures.

In September this year, Kite has launched its new eco-friendly paper bubble wrap which is 100% recyclable alternative for traditional polyethylene bubble wrap.

Its new eco-friendly paper bubble wrap features deep indentations that provide shock absorbing protection against external impact damage. The product is available in a variety of sizes to fit individual requirements of different businesses.

For minimizing damages during transportation and storage, the internal protection plays a crucial part in the packing process. The product ensures reliable cushioning throughout transit and its recyclable qualities offer an end-of-life, eco-friendly solution to counteract plastic waste.