Kingsmoor Packaging has installed Atlas Copco’s GA90 VSD compressor in an effort to accelerate the production capacity and enhance energy efficiency.

Somerton-based Kingsmoor has been into designing and manufacturing of thermoformed plastic packaging for the food industry since 1990.

It supplies a range of products which are featured with distinct microwaveable and freezable properties. Also, the company provides environmental friendly options composed of at least 50% post-consumer and 30% industry recycled waste materials. 

Thermoforming process depends upon the compressed air movement which is available at the moulding stage. This process is applied in the pressure box techniques where the heated plastic material is formed onto a positive mould with the support of air pressure.

Even though, there were no major issues reported Kingsmoor Packaging works manager Dale Gunn, stated: “the company was in need of an upgrade in line with the latest developments in compressed air technology.”

Sweden-based Atlas Copco, founded in 1873 serves clients with compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. 

Kingsmoor has approached Atlas Copco to conduct iiTrak system energy audit to examine the air and energy being used in each load cycle profile by every compressor during the production week.

Collected data is then used to analyse an annual use of compressed air, the energy used and its cost.

The assessment results have disclosed that the existing fixed-speed compressor rated at 110 kW and producing 333 l/s, was operating within a fluctuating pressure band of 1.60 bar which meant the compressor was loading and unloading between 6.4 bar and 8 bar.

This means every time when a compressor is being unloaded, it is wasting energy and the motor is being in an inactive state. The air inlet control is closed and the unit is not producing air.

In order to overcome this drawback and increase production capacity a 90 kW Atlas Copco GA90 VSD rotary screw compressor with air quality ancillaries has to be installed into the system.

This VSD compressor would match the variable production air demand in the region of 39-293 l/s and cope easily with the existing and anticipated demand.