A multi-axis servo drive claimed to take the complexity out of motor installation is to be launched by Rockwell Automation this September.

Kinetix 6000 is designed to work alongside the Logix family of controllers to offer integration of motion and logic control, encompassing the five key elements – control, networks, drives, motors and actuation – with features said to make it easier to install, commission and use.

Its PLC style rack requires only five mounting points compared to the 32 of a traditional eight-axis system, with modules simply clipped to the rack. By using a Sercos digital interface to connect with the Logix controller the normal bundle of wiring has been replaced by one fibre optic link. Commissioning has been simplified through single point programming as opposed to the standard nine, allowing access to all servo drive parameters.

The servo-drive has been given a performance boost of twice the response speeds of typical rival systems. With a velocity of more than 400Hz and current loop bandwidth of over 1300Hz, Rockwell says its system is approaching the mechanical limits of this technology.

Carton machine manufacturer Bradman Lake is one of the first companies to trial Kinetix 6000 and has used the servo drive to produce 70 cartons/min on an indexing end loader. It is said to be providing a 38% space saving on existing systems.

Other potential applications include vertical form fill and seal, horizontal flowrappers and materials handling.

Kinetix 6000 will not support third party drives concedes Rockwell. Further extension to the Kinetix range is planned for the end of the year with a servo motor gear box followed by linear motors in 2003.