The new bottle concept provides maximum product protection for sensitive beverages

Beyond Juice Bottle

Image: The new KHS bottle concept has been devised in cooperation with environmental service provider Interseroh. Photo: courtesy of KHS GmbH.

Filling and packaging systems provider KHS has developed a new fully recyclable juice bottle by using 100% rPET.

The new Beyond Juice bottle concept has been designed with the support of environmental service provider Interseroh.

Cologne-based Interseroh has issued its Made for Recycling seal for the Beyond Juice container. The KHS experts have used the Bottles & Shapes consultancy programme to design the new PET container.

Interseroh packaging engineer Julian Thielen said: “Thanks to the seal on the label, for the first time consumers can now allow the bottle’s truly excellent recycling properties to help influence their decision to buy when standing in front of the supermarket shelf.”

The new Beyond Juice bottle is made from 100% recyclate and features Made for Recycling seal by Interseroh

The new juice bottle is made from 100% recyclate, which features FreshSafe PET barrier system that provides better product and freshness protection.

Beyond Juice bottle will also help reduce the carbon footprint left by packaging across its entire life cycle, as it is made from 100% rPET.

FreshSafe PET helps to extend the shelf life of sensitive juices and spritzers. The application of a wafer-thin layer of glass to the inside of the bottle will help prevent oxygen from entering the bottle and CO2 from escaping from it.

According to the company, the new KHS bottle concept has also been developed as a film-free pack for recycling purposes.

With Nature MultiPackT packaging system, the bottles are held together by dots of adhesive that are strong and secure, as well as easy to remove.

KHS Corpoplast barrier technology product manager Philipp Langhammer said: “With Beyond Juice we’re providing concrete answers to the challenges of the beverage industry, taking the juice bottle as an example.

“Also in view of the current debate on plastics practical, environmentally-friendly systems are becoming more and more important.”

In May this year, KHS has announced it is offering Innoket Neo labelling series for cans to manufacturers of small batches and producers.