The 10/4 S 8 labeller from KHS incorporates application of body, shoulder and back labels along with the new features in a single unit. It has two labelling stations using wet glue or combined wet glue and self-adhesive labelling methods.

While the first labelling station applies body and shoulder labels, the second labelling station processes back labels and tax revenue stamps. An optional 16-station rotary machine equipped with three labelling stations enables users to apply an additional coating.

Exact label transfer of tax revenue stamps to the bottle necks is achieved through use of a specially developed vacuum tong drum. The position of the stamp is fixed on the bottle neck as well as on the centring bell in the rotary operation labeller. A 530mm diameter discharge star-wheel is used to ensure a sufficiently long tax stamp application. Inkjet or laser coding is applied during the labelling process.

Apart from tax revenue stamp labelling, the new labellers can also be used for special applications such as labelling clip-lock beer bottles, applying quality seal labels or promotion labels attached to the bottle necks.

Innoket Roland 10/4 S 8 suits bottles ranging from 0.2litres up to 3litres in glass as well as plastics. Output capacity is around 12, 000 bottles/hour.