The wide-neck PET container is manufactured on the energy-efficient KHS InnoPET Blomax Series V stretch blow moulder


Image: The low weight and line-compatible container reduces the carbon footprint throughout its entire life cycle. Photo: courtesy of KHS GmbH.

Filling and packaging systems provider KHS has developed wide-neck PET containers for the hot filling of food.

With low weight and advanced recycling properties, the line-compatible container is said to minimise the carbon footprint across its entire life cycle.

Serving as an alternative to non-returnable glass, the new wide-neck PET containers feature FreshSafe PET coating that offers better product safety.

KHS Corpoplast packaging design head Christian Rommel said: “It’s not possible to implement a generic container system here as there are large variances from customer to customer in the process steps, i.e. in the preparation, filling and handling of containers.”

Features of the new wide-neck PET container

The PET alternative can withstand both the positive and negative pressures, which may take place in the closed container following the filling process.

The new line-compatible type of packaging has been manufactured on the energy-efficient InnoPET Blomax Series V stretch blow moulder.

According to the company, the new PET containers deliver higher energy efficiency than non-returnable glass receptacles.

FreshSafe PET coating is a thin layer of glass applied to the inside of the bottle to provide optimum product protection.

KHS Corpoplast non-beverage global product account manager Sebastian Wenderdel said: “Saving carbon dioxide is an important issue for food companies, both regarding the design of the packaging and the way their supply chains are organized.

“It’s our aim to not only reduce our customers’ carbon footprint but also increase production reliability. Individually designed, lightweight containers also improve the consumer experience.”

Separately, KHS has developed a new fully recyclable juice bottle by using 100% rPET. The new Beyond Juice bottle concept has been designed with the support of environmental service provider Interseroh.

The new juice bottle is made from 100% recyclate, which features FreshSafe PET barrier system that provides better product and freshness protection.

KHS Group includes companies such as KHS GmbH, KHS Corpoplast GmbH and multiple subsidiaries outside Germany. With around 5,081 employees, the KHS Group generated a turnover of around €1.16bn in 2018.