The new Innofill Glass DRS ECO filler uses IAS diagnostic assistance system to monitor the entire filling process

KHS filler

Image: The Innofill Glass DRS ECO combines the tried-and-tested KHS filling system with digital, resource-saving technologies. Photo: courtesy of KHS GmbH.

Filling and packaging systems provider KHS has unveiled the next generation Innofill Glass DRS filler, which features a modular design for maximum flexibility.

The new Innofill Glass DRS ECO filler is being presented at this year’s BrauBeviale event in Nuremberg. The event is being held from 12 to 14 November.

With digital networking and monitoring capabilities, the new glass bottle filler delivers optimum product quality and increased line availability.

The new KHS system has been designed to bottle beer, mixed beer beverages, cider and soft drinks

The new KHS system can be used for bottling beer, mixed beer beverages, cider and soft drinks. With a capacity to process up to 80,000 0.33-litre bottles per hour, the new system can fill containers holding between 0.1 litres and 1.5 litres.

The new glass filler uses the company’s ECO system, a special evacuation and CO2 purging process for glass bottles.

According to the company, the system also consumes up to 50% less CO2 compared to conventional methods.

The KHS glass filler is provided with DIAS diagnostic assistance system for the monitoring of complete filling process. The KHS’ SOFTSTOP bottle flowgate will help in the product protection.

OPTICAM, a camera-controlled high-pressure injection control system, will enable to monitor and regulate the foam automatically, helping to reduce the product loss by up to 50%.

The new fill level probe will help measure the fill level, as well as monitor the CIP process. In addition, the glass filler can be equipped with fully automatic CIP caps.

KHS has also added the QUICKLOCK fast-acting locking system to the glass filler for trouble-free format part changeovers.

KHS filling product manager Manfred Härtel said: “Many bottlers are expanding their portfolios at the moment. We’re seeing an increased demand for glass containers in particular.

“With the Innofill Glass DRS ECO we provide pioneering filling technology which meets the growing market requirements for flexible and efficient production processes,”

In October this year, KHS has unveiled a new digital control system for PET bottle production.

KHS, in collaboration with the US company Agr International, has developed Unit Mold Control digital and automated process control system to address discrepancies in the distribution of PET bottle material in the stretch blow moulding process.