The modernisation at Dortmund site included the expansion of production area and renovation of the machine park

KHS Dortmund

KHS is increasing its production capacities with its new 4,300m² production shop. (Credit: KHS Group)

KHS Group, a provider of filling and packaging systems, has invested €20m ($21.9m) to modernise its Juchostraße headquarters in Dortmund, Germany.

The modernisation is comprised of expanding the production area and renewing the machine park.

Dortmund site manufactures machines for labeling, pasteurisation and bottle washing

Dortmund site, which employs around 1,200 people, is engaged in the manufacturing of machines for labeling, pasteurisation and bottle washing. The facility also includes container conveyor technology for industrial beverage production.

KHS has developed the 4,300m² production shop at Juchostraße site. The shop integrated the relevant technology for container and pack conveyors, as well as order processing to deliver better operations.

The company has also modernised one of the oldest production buildings, as well as renewed the shop floor and roof.

It also enhanced its sheet metal manufacturing department in the hall through integrating new technology that features an efficient fibre-laser, combined punching/laser machine and fully networked sheet metal warehouse.

According to KHS, the investment offers multiple benefits for the company’s customers in the beverage industry across the globe.

The company has also renovated a factory canteen and various office complexes such as workstations in different departments.

KHS plant manager Dr Joachim Konrad said: “As a company active worldwide we find ourselves in a competitive situation and want to carry on manufacturing in Germany. We’ve therefore further digitalized and automated our infrastructure and processes in Production.

“We’re pleased to be doing our bit for a strong regional economy and can apply our practical experience in this area. As a large industrial employer we also benefit from well-trained specialist workers.”

Recently, German brewery Pyraser Landbrauerei has invested in KHS automated glass filler to boost its capabilities and better serve the consumers.