Kensington has selected earth-friendly and plant-based packaging to reduce plastic waste


Kensington has launched new line of eco-friendly packaging to minimise the impact on the environment. (Credit: Kensington Computer Products Group)

US-based Kensington, a provider of desktop and mobile device accessories, has introduced a new line of eco-friendly packaging, as part of its efforts to minimise the impact on the environment.

According to the company, the packaging alone responsible for tonnes of non-recyclable waste when the plastic and other materials used are not fully recyclable.

Kensington is planning to use earth-friendly and plant-based packaging that can be easily read, open and recycle, in addition to reducing plastic waste.

Kensington aims to use sustainable packaging across its product line by the end of 2021

The company is planning to use sustainable packaging across its product line by the end of 2021. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified packaging is said to use chlorine-free paper, water-based varnish, plant-based soy ink, and matte oils.

Kensington global product development vice president Gwen Hsu said: “Our eco-friendly packaging also helps to reduce our carbon footprint by making shipping itself more sustainable.

“The packaging and materials are lighter and less bulky which helps keep products protected during shipping while enabling more efficient pallet configurations that save on fuel necessary for transport.”

Based in San Mateo of California, Kensington offers desktop computing and mobility solutions for IT, business, and home office professionals.

Kensington is a division of ACCO Brands, which is engaged in the designing, marketing and manufacturing of branded business, academic, and consumer products that are marketed in over 100 countries across the globe.

In June this year, Signify announced a commitment to become plastic-free next year as part of its sustainability efforts.

As part of the commitment, the company is planning to eliminate all plastics from all of its packaging used for consumer-related products and replace it with recycled paper-based materials.