President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama has commissioned Kasapreko's new beverage bottling plant in a bid to meet demands in domestic and international beverage markets.


Alcoholic drinks producer Kasapreko’s new facility is valued at around $70m, GhanaWeb reported.

The high speed spirit production lines at the plant will be able to combinedly produce 70,000 glass and PET bottles every hour, the company said.

Kasapreko has also equipped its plant with two more lines to produce 40,000 bottles of water and non-alcoholic drinks every hour.

Commenting on the development, Mahama was quoted by the publication as saying: "No country is built on commerce and trading alone, it is manufacturing, agriculture and agro-processing that will change the structure of this economy and make our country rub shoulders with the big names in this world, so Kasapreko is one of those companies who see the risk and yet believe that it is worth taking to produce a quality product like kasapreko that is celebrated across the world today."

Mahama also said that Kasapreko is contributing to the nation’s economy by producing a wide range of beverage products for the global market.

With around 600 employees, Kasapreko produces whiskey, wine, gin, liqueur, brandy, and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Founded in 1989, Kasapreko is said to be the first firm to establish a quality control and product development laboratory and to introduce proprietary bespoke bottles and caps.

The company was also responsible for the conceptualization, research, design and development of the first scientifically formulated, herbal-based alcoholic beverage in Ghana – Alomo Bitters.

Image: Kasapreko’s new plant would produce 70,000 bottles of alcoholic and 40,000 non-alcholic beverages every hour. Photo: courtesy of Paul /