K-1 Packaging has purchased the Landa S10 Nanographic Printing press to install at its California headquarters

Landa press

Installation of the Landa Nanographic Printing Press is under way at the K-1 site. (Credit: Landa Corporation)

Custom packaging solutions provider K-1 Packaging Group has invested in Landa S10 Nanographic Printing press to boost its production capabilities.

The new press, supplied by Landa Digital Printing, is presently being installed at K-1 Packaging’s California headquarters in the City of Industry, outside of Los Angeles.

Landa Digital Printing Americas general manager and vice president Nachum Korman said:  “K-1’s production team is well known for their work in optimizing every device, tool and process they use; so we will also be fascinated to see how they leverage the S10’s capabilities and explore its full potential.”

The Landa S10 Nanographic Printing press will be used to carry out short to medium run static and variable jobs, which take more time and material when run on conventional equipment.

According to the company, work to be printed on the Landa S10 includes 5,000 sheets and under jobs, which cover K-1’s production schedule.

The Landa S10 press is suitable for printing on folding cartons, countertop displays, labels, and litholam corrugated boxes

The Landa S10 press can be used for different applications, including folding cartons, countertop displays, labels, and litholam corrugated boxes.

The Landa S10 Nanographic Printing press has the capacity to run at a rated speed of 6,500 large format (B1 / 41 in.) sheets per hour.

In addition, the Nanographic Printing press is said to be three times faster than any digital solution and six times faster than a digital press closest to the 41in format.

K-1 President Mike Tsai said: No one is able to run static or variable jobs as quickly. In a manufacturing environment, this means that we will be more productive, and able to give our customers greater flexibility on run quantity and SKU count – an important competitive edge.

“What’s more, the S10’s scalability and upward compatibility gives us confidence that we will meet customer demands well into the future.”

In January 2019, K-1 Packaging Group invested in second Koenig & Bauer’s (KBA) Rapida 105 eight-color press, in a bid to enhance its production capabilities.

Landa Group operates four business units, including Landa Digital Printing, Landa Labs, Landa Ventures, and Lusix.

Landa Digital Printing manufactures Nanographic Printing presses for commercial printing, packaging and publishing markets.