Polytech has introduced a new dimension to its portfolio of converting equipment for the flexible packaging industry.

Unlike the company’s specially built, single purpose coating and extrusion lines, the HiMiR range is aimed at a broader market – those customers who are already familiar with the technology. Its core is a basic machine whose capabilities can be expanded through a cartridge system as required for different applications.

Says Mario Benzi, director of the Converting Machinery Division: “With HiMiR we offer a tool for customers who do not need to specify. Its most important advantage is extreme rationalization of the engineering. Fast return on the investment, operational economies, fast makeready and change- overs, built-in production versatility – can all be incorporated in a single production line that is modular and expandable.”

He adds: “There is a certain market segment that is ready to purchase quality equipment, but not yet involved in the extreme sophistication connected to critical technologies or output levels. These customers are not ‘newcomers’, but are equipped with machinery no longer up to the task, or simply looking for an expansion and willing to invest in a technology suitable to grant better profitability and returns.”