The Comexi Offset CI8 press, which is suitable for short and medium size runs, will help enhance printing quality


Jiménez Godoy has invested in second Comexi offset CI8 press. (Credit: Comexi)

Jiménez Godoy, a Spanish family business engaged in the printing of labels, has invested in the new Comexi Offset CI8 press to boost its production capabilities.

The company will install the second Comexi offset press at its facility located in Murcia, Spain.

The Comexi Offset CI8 press is developed by combining the benefits of offset variable size printing with central drum technology.

Designed to be used for short and medium size runs, the Comexi Offset CI8 press will help enhance printing quality, minimise operative cost and reduce the environmental impact.

The machine offers faster changeover times compared to other conventional technologies, as well as provides maximum flexibility through the combination of multiple SKUs within the same print job.

The offset central impression printing technology is a two-fold environmentally responsible option with EB (electron beam) protective varnishes, thereby helping to avoid solvents and frontal printing.

It will also help replace laminated products or reduce the number of layers due to the capabilities of chemical, thermal, and scratch-resistance of EB lacquers. This process facilitates to seal monofilm products and recycle packaging solutions.

The EB curing system, which consumes low energy, helps to deliver high productivity with low migration inks and low odour.

Comexi printing business unit’s offset brand manager Felip Ferrer said: “Comexi’s central drum offset printing allows to be faster, regarding both prepress and job changeover.

“The cost of prepress is considerably lower than other conventional printing technologies, as a new job can be executed in less than two hours, and an entire set of 7 plates can be accomplished in under 20 minutes.”

Jiménez Godoy has expertise in the printing of labels, magazines, catalogues, brochures, and flexible packaging products.

The company prints a range of plastic and paper products such as labels, catalogues, leaflets, and flexible packaging for different industries, including food, pharmaceutical, and entertainment.

In February this year, glue-applied labels and packaging materials provider Royal Sens invested in a new Comexi Offset CI8 printing press.