The Visionfold 110 A2 machine will be used by Jaymar to handle a wide range of packaging including cartons, sleeves, four-corner trays and litho-laminated work


The Bobst’s Visionfold 110 A2 multi-purpose machine. (Credit: BOBST)

Jaymar Packaging, a UK-based carton board product packaging manufacturer, has purchased Visionfold 110 A2 folder-gluer from Bobst to increase the flexibility of its operations.

The investment in the new Bobst folder-gluer machine follows the family-owned company’s purchase of an adjacent 11,000ft² site at Crewe Gates Industrial Estate in Cheshire.

Bobst Visionfold 110 A2 machine to be delivered in September 2020

Scheduled for delivery in September 2020, the new Visionfold 110 A2 multi-purpose machine will allow Jaymar to handle a wide range of packaging including cartons, sleeves, four-corner trays and litho-laminated work.

Jaymar Packaging director Craig Street said: “We have been thinking about investing in a new folder-gluer for about 18 months after gaining new customers and seeing existing accounts grow.

“The new machine will complement our existing BOBST folder-gluer portfolio and bring greater flexibility and versatility to our production lines.

“We believe that once in place, it will save a lot of time in terms of make-readies and enable us to run some of our larger jobs to completion which isn’t always possible currently.”

Amid the Covid-19 outbreak, Jaymar has donated hundreds of boxes to package food parcels to Cheshire East Council.

Bobst UK & Ireland area sales manager Lee Alton said: “VISIONFOLD was the perfect choice for Jaymar thanks to its ability to handle a wide variety of packaging types.”

Capable of processing a wide range of packaging formats, the Visionfold 110 A2 machine is claimed to be highly adaptable.

In addition to delivering a stable and precise fold at high speeds, the machine is durable and offers a choice of left, right or simultaneous folding for operators.

Street added: “As we already have three folder-gluers from the company, we will be able to integrate the new one seamlessly into production with minimal training time.”

In 2019, UK-based Bridger Packaging has purchased two Bobst machines to increase capacity and drive efficiency.