The Jade, Ashe Converting Equipment’s newest slitter rewinder, is designed to operate at speeds of up to 1,000m/min and incorporates state-of-the-art Profibus communication to local drives. The first machine, which has been sold to a cast film producer, features individual on-board AC digital drive with built in PLC control for each arm. It also has dual arms that can run with one motor, reducing the tension range for thin gauge products.

Each arm has its own diameter measurement capability so that different cores or rewind diameters can be wound without adjustments. Material thicknesses are also not needed to calculate the diameter. Another innovation to aid performance is horizontal movement on precision linear bearings, which controls lay-on pressure, and is unaffected by roll weight. The lay-on pressure profile is adjustable on screen, and the Jade is configured for over or underwind, and for single arm operation – or it may be coupled. For extra power up to four arms can be linked.


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