The new sustainable bottle has been produced using 80% paper and 20% recycled plastic


Jabil Packaging Solutions has unveiled VITTEL hybrid bottle. (Credit: congerdesign from Pixabay)

Jabil Packaging Solutions has introduced its new packaging prototype, dubbed Eco.bottle product platform, for Nestlé’s European mineral water brand VITTEL.

VITTEL hybrid bottle is said to leverage paper and plastic components, which enable to reduce plastic by over 50% compared to VITTEL’s current one-litre bottle.

The new sustainable bottle, which features 100% recycled paper and plastic materials, has been designed by a team including Ecologic Brands.

In January this year, Jabil Packaging Solutions parent company Jabil acquired sustainable packaging solutions provider Ecologic Brands.

Developed using 80% paper and 20% recycled plastic, the VITTEL hybrid bottle includes a two-shell system that facilitates nesting during transit and warehousing. The two-shell system is enabled by interlocking paper tabs.

The hybrid bottle is provided with a patent-pending and first-of-its-kind tear strip, which enables to easily separate paper and plastic components.

Jabil is planning for consumer testing of the new VITTEL hybrid bottle from this month.

VITTEL marketing director Laure Goutagneux said: “Thanks to Jabil’s innovative Eco.bottle product platform, the VITTEL hybrid bottle is the result of a journey launched several years ago to explore options for drastically reducing the proportion of plastic in our packaging.

“We are thrilled with the results of our collaboration, including a plastic reduction of 50 percent when compared to our current lightweight bottles.”

VITTEL’s knowledge of mineral water bottling helped to produce the thinnest one-litre plastic liner, while Jabil’s conversion technology and expertise allowed the fabrication of a functional outer shell made of certified Forest Stewardship Council reclaimed and recycled material.

VITTEL and Jabil have started the hybrid bottle project last year.

Jabil Packaging Solutions CEO Jason Paladino said: “Jabil’s Box-to-Bottle manufacturing platform allows us to take our customers’ waste and incorporate it into our manufacturing process within our facilities in Manteca, California and Tortosa, Spain.

“This fully accountable and traceable manufacturing platform provides forward-thinking brands like VITTEL with unparalleled visibility into the circularity of their products.”