Socipack, the flexible packaging company, will install Comexi S2 DS slitter at its headquarters in Abidjan


Ivory Coast’s Socipack has purchased new Comexi S2 DS slitter. (Credit: Comexi)

Ivory Coast-based flexible packaging firm Socipack has invested in the Comexi S2 DS slitter to boost its production capabilities.

Socipack, otherwise known as Société Ivorienne de Packaging, will install the eighth Comexi machine at its headquarters in Abidjan. In 2016, Socipack acquired the first Comexi machines.

Comexi area manager Miquel Gironès said: “They have depended on us from the beginning. With the help of Comexi, they have become one of the most important companies in this sector.”

Socipack currently has two Comexi presses, three Comexi laminators, and two Comexi slitters, in addition to the new Comexi S2 DS slitter.

Comexi S2 DS machine is a compact and fully electric machine that facilitates adjustments

The compact and fully electric Comexi S2 DS machine facilitates adjustments and maneuvers the slitting after the material has proceeded.

The NIP system, which separates tensions, allows the machine to use various tensions while rewinding and unwinding.

According to the company, the acceleration ratios of the Comexi S2 DS machine enables to achieve high productivity, and the PC Touch-Panel allows to set the pace of the machine and store production data.

BLG International, which is based in Marseille and Abidjan, represents Comexi in the Ivory Coast.

BLG sales manager Aleix Mas said: “Socipack is the key player in the region, a young and dynamic company capable of providing films, packaging, and labels with the highest quality standards.”

In August 2017, Socipack installed a suite of Comexi printing and converting equipment as both the firms expand their partnership.

Socipack offers flexible packaging, labeling, sleeves, multilayer extrusion, and stretch film solutions to its customers.

The company export finished products to the African market, as well as import incoming raw materials to produce plastic labels and packaging.