Italian folding cartons manufacturer Grafinpack has invested in Scodix E106 enhancement press, as part of its efforts to expand its production operations.


Image: Scodix E106 Digital enhancement press for folding carton market. Photo: courtesy of Scodix.

Scodix E106 enhancement press has been developed to offer enhancement solutions for printers in the packaging industry.

Scodix E106 press provides digital enhancement solutions to folding carton converters requiring a B1 (1060 x 760mm or 41.7 x 29.9inch) format.

With a production capacity of up to 4,000SPH, the press provides improved short to medium run lengths for the customers in the printing industry.

According to the company, the press is provided with better features and functionality to support olding carton printers and converters.

Grafinpack managing director Manuel Turini said: “We carried out an ROI study which indicated that the Scodix E106 could deliver significant savings on 80 percent of our jobs in comparison with our existing process of hot-foiling in-house.

The business has to be cost effective, but print quality is equally important to us and our customers, Scodix technology opens up new possibilities for improvement in both facets.”

Scodix packaging head Nigel Tracey said: Having installed over 300 Scodix presses during the last eight years, Scodix now has the right technology and format for folding carton enhancement, following five years of rigorous development and testing.

Other products include Scodix Ultra2 digital enhancement presses, which can be used for a wide variety of applications, including marketing literature, stationery items, book covers, boxes and premium packages, greeting cards and photo albums with VDP capabilities based on a barcode system.

Scodix Ultra digital press and Scodix Ultra Pro presses also allow commercial PSP’s and folding-cartons converters to be used in a range of applications such as boxes and premium packages and others.

Scodix Sense enhancements will provide converters with a premium printing service to advance a range of consumer products such as consumer products.

The enhancements, which can be produced in-house, will help converters to meet the customers’ requirement for shorter runs or versioned packages.