The new sustainable S-BOPP film products are manufactured using PP polymers from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio

Roll of wrapping plastic stretch film

IRPLAST develops S-BOPP film products based on SABIC’s PP polymers. (Credit: SABIC.)

IRPLAST, an Italian producer of simultaneously bi-oriented BOPP film, has chosen PP polymers from SABIC’s TRUCIRCLE portfolio to manufacture two new S-BOPP film products.

The Italian company produces bi-oriented BOPP film to manufacture printed adhesive tapes, wrap­around labels for the food, beverage dairy, personal and home care markets as well as for multi-pack solutions.

One of the new products is a renewable BOPP film, called NOPP (Natural BOPP), which is manufactured using certified renewable SABIC PP material that is sourced from bio-based feedstock.

The other product is a circular BOPP film, known as LOOPP, which is made from certified circular SABIC PP material using feedstock that is derived from chemical recycling of post-consumer plastics to provide virgin-quality resins.

S-BOPP films are 100% recyclable in normal polyolefin waste separation

SABIC said that the resulting S-BOPP films are 100% recyclable in normal polyolefin waste separation streams and satisfy the food contact regulations.

IRPLAST sustainability manager Naomi Lunadei said: “We have undertaken a gradual but determined path, consistent with the development of new materials according to the guidelines of the EU Packaging and Packaging Waste Directives.

“Therefore, we have brought out two new innovative product lines in collaboration with SABIC, one to reduce the carbon footprint of BOPP flexible packaging, while the other introduces the possibility of entering the circular economy, being progressively mandated by legislators worldwide.”

The S-BOPP film portfolio guarantees the solidity of the chain of custody right throughout its life cycle, from raw material production to packaging supplies.

SABIC said that its TRUCIRCLE portfolio allows the brand owners and packaging suppliers to attain sustainable packaging material solutions, which can be immediately used without changing the packaging appearance or packaging machinery.

In November last year, Berry Global Group and SABIC have partnered for the production and use of circular polymers from chemical recycling.