IOP ceo Lynda Purser highlighted at Total several new and renewed areas of emphasis for the Institute, whose eye-catching stand, incorporating the organisation-s radical corporate re-branding, left visitors in no doubt of the “great changes” afoot.

Purser stressed the ever stronger role of the Institute’s Packaging Industry Awarding Body and Packaging Industry Development Services training division, which she said would now provide an “even more solid resource” of training, assessment and qualifications to members, non-members, companies and education centres.

She also reported on the re-structuring of the Institute’s membership grades, which had seen the “previously somewhat outdated grades” reorganised and would also result in a streamlining of the existing “overlong” admission process. One key change is a new fast-track affiliate grade, costing £70, to ensure all new members can promptly start receiving membership benefits before being individually addressed for promotion to a higher grade.

Acknowledging the IOP’s increasingly commercial role, she also referred to its newest division, Packaging Industry Commercial Services, which will focus on generating income “through a range of relevant commercial activities” such as design and consultancy work.