Sato International Pte (SI), has announced the launch of printers fitted with an integral RFID module from its US-based partner Alien Technology.

Initially three printers will be fitted with the modules – the high performance CL408e and CL412e and the print and apply enhanced S-series print engine, the M-8485Se.

The printers write data onto RFID tags and print labels and tickets. In addition to complying with European UHF RFID specifications the module operates at the 915MHz UHF frequency, which conforms to the EPC Class 1 standard.

“The release of these RFID printers will provide an optimum solution for a wide range of users,” says Victor Barczyk, vice-president, business development, Sato International. “For the distribution industry, for instance, Sato’s CL408e and CL412e are known for their sturdy build and impressive throughput speed, while the M-84485Se is a robust print engine designed for the production line.”