According to Joanne Howard, brand manager of PZ Cussons’ 1001 product range, carpet and upholstery cleaners are not the kind of products people get excited about.

“Our 1001 Troubleshooter stain remover is what I call a ‘distress’ purchase”, she says. “While there is some brand loyalty around these cleaning products, there is always room to offer an incentive on what is often an occasional purchase”.

Joanne Howard briefed self-adhesive label printers Simpson Label Co to develop a price-off incentive that would deliver an instant reward for the customer and make life simple for the retailer by offering a straightforward coupon redemption.

Sandy Cass, resource manager at Simpson, suggested a primary product label printed on Fasson Primax 1 and perforated in one area to provide a quick peel coupon, printed with the information the retailer needed to achieve reimbursement.

“The secret of the success of the Fasson Primax 1 construction is its orientation”, said Sandy Cass. “You can only tear the label in one direction – the machine direction – and that’s a feature that makes the removal of the coupon from the pack a very simple process.”