Enterprise Ireland, the Trade & Technology Board of the Irish Government, was proud to host 11 of the country's leading packaging companies, all specialising in providing innovation and creativity across a diverse range of product areas at Total 2004.

Your Total Guide to packaging in Ireland

Each of the 11 participating companies profiled is focused on offering a partnership to their customers, delivering a total solution and assisting them to successfully meet the challenges of tomorrow’s marketplace.

Enterprise Ireland works in close co-operation with leading UK companies, matching their sourcing requirements to the extensive range of high quality, globally competitive products manufactured in Ireland.

Enterprise Ireland can work in partnership with you to understand your specific supplier needs. It can provide you with a detailed analysis of the capabilities of Irish suppliers; match your specific needs with leading, competitive Irish manufacturers; and introduce you directly to high quality Irish supply partners and facilitate itineraries to Ireland to review prospective supply capabilities.

These services are provided with total confidentiality and at no obligation.

If you would like to better understand how Enterprise Ireland can connect you to the world leading supply capabilities of Ireland, please visit www.enterprise-ireland.com or contact us on the details below.

Flexible partner

Faulkner Export Packaging is the technology division of Faulkner Packaging and is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of ESD flexible packaging products.

Products include Statpak pharmaceutical grade antistatic polythene and moisture barrier liners, also available as handmade shrouds and liners, Statpak static shielding bags, EMI barrier, black conductive packaging, pink antistatic bags and static shielding bubble. All materials are available in bags or as handmade shrouds and liners.

Snazzybags is a range of metallised envelopes and bags, and Snazzybubble, metallic bubble lined pouches and sheets. All products are manufactured in-house and are available ex-stock and in custom sizes.Sectors supplied include pharmaceutical, electronic, direct marketing and promotions.

Key markets are the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Scandinavia, Spain, Italy and Eastern Europe. Key clients serviced include IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Quantum, Pfizer, SmithKline Beecham, Elan Corporation, Ogilvy One, Saatchi and Saatchi and Draft Worldwide.

Capabilities comprise extrusion, pouch making, Flexo printing, Gravure print and bubble lamination. Approval and certification is in place for ISO 9002.

Faulkner Export Packaging Tel: + 353 1626 0000 Fax: + 353 1623 4747 E-mail: grainne@snazzybags.com www.faulkner.ie

Styrene pallet innovation

Iretex Packaging have been in existence since 1976 and over the past 30 years have grown into a multinational packaging provider, with sites in Ireland, Central Europe and the Far East. Iretex’s innovative pallets are manufactured from one material, styrene, thus eliminating the need for glues, adhesives or nails in the fabrication process.

Iretex is a manufacturer of the following innovative products:

Steritranz that features special antiseptic coating that kills bacteria and prevents fungal attack. Target sectors: medical, pharmaceutical and bioscience.

Techtranz features special conductive coatings that protect static sensitive products in transit. Target sectors: electronic goods and static sensitive devices.

Santitranz features special FDA antimicrobial coatings making this product ideal for food halls and clean rooms. Target sectors: food manufacturing, distribution and retail.

Earthtranz features fully grounded pallet with connected conductive layers on both top and base of pallet. Target sectors: electronics industry, process control and petrochemical.

Easytranz features special pallet transport system for retailers and manufacturers. Target sectors: all goods distribution and manufacturing sectors.

Capabilities comprise sites in Ireland, Central Europe and the Far East.

Iretex manufacture a range of protective packaging using mediums such as corrugated, foam and timber either flat pack or fully assembled along with a wide range of off-the-shelf products such as pallet wrap, padded mailers, bubble wrap and roll foam.

Key markets are Ireland, Malaysia, Czech Republic and China.

Iretex Packaging Contact: Mr Paul Burke, managing director Tel: +353 1 601 4900 Fax: +353 1 601 4901 E-mail: paul.burke@iretex.com www.iretex.com

Benefit from the Flight experience

Flight Flexible has been producing shrink sleeves since 1991. In the intervening years the company has accumulated a large knowledge base that is used to excellent effect for the company’s wide and varied customer base. Industries supplied include pharmaceutical, beverages, toiletries and food.

Shrink sleeves supplied include plain, flexo printed (6-colour), gravure printed (8-colour), tamper evident sleeves, twin pocket sleeves and triple pocket sleeves.

Our team approaches each project in a proactive and constructive way, taking into account what you, the customer, ultimately desires. Involvement of our team in the early stages of any project is strongly advised.

Issues like the number of colours in a design, i.e. can the same result be achieved with eight colours rather than 10 colours, or the materials needed for certain containers, or can a container be sleeved successfully, are issues that we are very familiar with.

Flight Flexible Tel: + 353 1 295 7588 Fax: + 353 1 295 7673 www.flightflexible.com

Service and quality

Alpaco Foil Ltd is a small, truly independent company, established in 1982 to manufacture aluminium foil containers for the Irish, UK and European markets.

With a small, dedicated management team and highly motivated proactive staff we are proud of our ability to be able to offer the service and flexibility necessary in today’s demanding market.

With experience in the food processing, catering, bakery and retail markets our depth of knowledge leaves us ideally placed as the perfect partner for any customer’s needs.

Our product range is comprehensive and along with our standard range of containers we are unique in our ability to produce both printed and embossed product in house.

Quality is important to us at Alpaco. This is borne out by our possession of the ISO 9002 quality standard as well as our being the first Irish packaging company to achieve the prestigious BRC quality standard. We operate a continuous training policy to ensure that all our employees are constantly aware of the quality demands expected by today’s complex food packaging industry.

Our customer base is extensive and loyal and our experience allows us the flexibility to deal with both large multinationals as well as private operators.

Alpaco Foil Ltd Tel: +353 404 68222 E-mail: frank.mackenzie@alpacofoil.net

Investment keeps Kenilworth ahead

Kenilworth Products Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of self-adhesive labels, extended text, booklet labels and label application systems.

Founded almost 40 years ago, Kenilworth Products is located in Dublin, Ireland. The company has recently moved to a new all-in-one production site just 15 minutes from Dublin Airport. This new, expanded facility covers an area of 5,500m² and provides for a very efficient and cost effective operation.

Kenilworth has also made a capital investment in excess of EUR3M in pre-press, production and inspection equipment. This investment ensures Kenilworth Products remains as market leaders in the areas of product security and quality, while continuing to reduce the manufacturing cycle time to their clients.

Kenilworth Products understands all aspects of the labelling industry and has 20 years’ experience of supplying UK, European and South American companies.

Kenilworth Products Ltd Tel: + 353 1 8062200 Fax: + 353 1 806299 E-mail: info@kenilworth.ie www.Kenilworth.ie

Dollard assures quality

Dollard Packaging Ltd is based in Dublin and has been in operation since 1982. It supplies printed solid board folding cartons, litho-laminated folding cartons, window patched cartons, waxed cartons and pre-erected containers and trays to the confectionery, food/beverage, pharmaceutical/healthcare, multimedia/elec-tronic and games/giftware market sectors.

Dollard is accredited to the British Retail Consortium and the Institute of Packaging Technical Standard. This standard is becoming a necessity for suppliers of packaging destined for the shelves of the major UK and Irish food retailers.

Dollard supplies a wide range of packaging in the form of printed folding cartons and sleeves to food manufacturers who produce retailer branded products.

“We have an obligation to put appropriate systems and controls in place to ensure the suitability of our packaging for safe food use,” says sales director David Hilliard.

“The attainment of the standard reaffirms our commitment to supplying a high quality product and, at the same time, putting our customer’s mind at ease, knowing that they have the back-up of packaging produced under BRC/IoP guidelines.

Dollard Packaging Ltd Tel: + 353 1 8470044 Mob: + 353 86 8212914 E-mail : davidhilliard@dollard-packaging.ie www.dollard-packaging.ie

Ask for protection

Donoghue Packaging specialises in transit packaging, manufacturing corrugated cases, timber pallets, timber and plywood crates and composite packs. Protective packaging products for the computer/electronic industries are also a speciality of the company.

The company has invested significantly in its 60 000ft² production facility at Bandon, Cork, Ireland.

From this modern facility the company can satisfy the large volume demands of its blue chip customer base throughout Ireland and the UK.

The company also offers a JIT and local ‘hubbing’ service, tailored to each customer’s requirements. For your total packaging solutions contact customer services.

Donoghue Packaging Tel: +353 23 42111 E-mail: donpack@donpack.ie

New range for Holfeld

Holfeld Plastics has introduce the S Range. Having been instrumental in the original development of this range, the company has now taken delivery of additional manufacturing capacity to accommodate the market demands for this product. The range is based on industry standards and is ‘jig compatible’ with existing tooling.

Holfeld Plastics’ manufacturing process is particularly suited to small and medium batch sizes of bespoke colour or depth design. Its ‘off-line’ extrusion process allows for greater flexibility and fast response deliveries.

PP produced on its callendarette process has enhanced density and therefore demonstrates vastly superior gas barrier properties at reduced gauges, ensuring a cost effective and environmentally sound solution to reducing packaging waste volume. Alternatively, APET variants of the S range can be offered to further increase shelf life when used with a CAP or MAP process. Holfeld Plastics was awarded BRC/IoP certification in January 2003. A CD detailing the range of products is available.

Holfeld Plastics Tel: 01283 538183 Fax: 01283 509793 E-mail: mjoldham@lineone.net

Active pack for microwaves

Alert Packaging Ltd has developed and successfully launched a new range of Active Packaging. The company has re-focused itself in becoming a supplier of flexible packaging solutions rather than being known as a printer and converter.

Given the shrinkage in the market the company felt it had to think and act more strategically about its future. The company has been profitable for 28 years and wishes to maintain this achievement along with its continual investment programmes.

A spectacular result has been achieved with the development of a range of susceptor laminates for microwave applications and plaudits include ‘Winner of The European Metallizers Association Product of the Year 2001’.

The majority of susceptor products are based on paper/board but our film is a self-venting material. Susceptors absorb some of the microwave energy during cooking and convert it to heat within the pack, the advantage being a flexible package that wraps entirely around the product. As the pack heats it opens slowly to vent some of the steam. The film keeps the product crisp and appetising and browns the food when in direct contact, while the self-venting alleviates the risk of scalding.

Alert Packaging Ltd UK – Tel: 01244 281901 Fax: 01244 281902 Ireland – Tel: +353 1 286 0300 Fax: + 353 1 286 3755 E-mail: tbarry@alertpackaging.co.uk www.alertpackaging.com

Sustained success for quality cartons

In the fiercely competitive world of carton print and manufacturing, few companies have rivalled the sustained success and the growth of Marchmont. Year on year, the company has consistently increased sales as a result of the quality of both goods and services – a direct response to our programmes of ongoing development in every area of our business.

From customer services to our advanced stock control and despatch systems, our high levels of investment in plant, training and quality management have kept us at the forefront of our ever-evolving industry.

Based in a purpose-built site in Dublin, and with sales and support facilities across the UK, we are ideally placed to service our client base in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, sophisticated administration and a committed, professional staff have brought advances in client response times, job turnaround and product quality that are industry leading.

Accreditations include EN ISO 9001:2000 and the BRC/IoP Standard.

Marchmont Packaging Ltd Dublin office – Tel : +35 31 4130200 Fax : + 35 31 4130299 E-mail: sales@marchmont.com UK Sales: David Lockett – Tel: 07860 702121 or Barry Wadsworth – Tel: 07803 625780 E-Mail: barry@wadsworth100.fsnet.co.uk www.marchmont.com

Self-adhesive specialists

New Era Packaging is a medium sized business that specialises in the supply of innovative self-adhesive label products, such as Multipage form labels, Peel ‘n Reseal labels, booklet and encapsulated labels for the pharmaceutical and agro-chemical industries.

In addition, New Era supplies a wide range of self-adhesive label products, which are manufactured to its customer’s specifications.

Formed in 1977, New Era has built a strong reputation as an innovator in supplying quality products to household names that operate in pharmaceutical/medical, personal care/cosmetics and food/ beverage sectors.

With a modern range of printing equipment, currently consisting of 18 printing presses which are constantly renewed and expanded [including full in-house pre-press] coupled with an experienced workforce, New Era continues to be at the forefront of the self-adhesive label industry in both its domestic and export markets.

New Era’s focus and commitment to its customers is to provide the highest quality product and service at a competitive price and to develop relationships which will generate cost-effective self-adhesive label solutions for our customers.

New Era Packaging Tel: +353 41 9875600 Fax: +353 41 9834481 E-mail: sales@newera.ie www.newera.ie