The Metal Shark range of metal detectors – said to represent a "completely new design in high sensitivity industrial metal detectors" – has been introduced to the UK by Inline Product Inspection, the UK and Ireland distributor for the Cassel GmbH range.

Inline’s managing director, Terry Woolford, says: “The entire design brief of the Metal Shark revolved around 3 core principles – sensitivity, reliability and ease of use.

By using state of the art components the detector incorporates the latest technology engineered to deliver consistent, reliable detection. With conventional metal detector technology being largely unchanged for the last decade we have focused on delivering value to our customers with a low cost of ownership.”

The detectors use four channel DDS (Direct Digital Synthesiser) and DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology combined with auto balance and auto calibrate functionality. By using digital frequency and phase control, the requirement for “costly routine manufacturer involvement” is said to be eliminated, for according to Inline, once set the Metal Shark never requires manufacturer adjustment.

The range is also claimed to be maintenance-free. Through the use of SMD technology all circuits have been miniaturised and housed on one, multi-layered main board and, should this fail, Inline says the replacement can be installed by most factory electricians.

The Metal Shark is available in all aperture sizes and configurations with pharmaceutical, free-fall, pipeline and conveyor models, all manufactured in Stainless Steel with IP 65 protection and optional IP66 available.

The search coils are also fully encapsulated in a solid epoxy block, making it suitable for the harshest of environments.