The custom-moulded multilayer PP cups are produced by Bebo Bouxwiller, while the lids are manufactured by Bebo Plastik


Image: The 4oz and 4.5oz custom-moulded multilayer PP cups are used for Yummy Organics baby food. Photo: courtesy of RPC Group Ltd.

US-based Initiative Foods has selected Berry Global’s plastic packaging for Yummy Organics baby food.

Initiative’s newly-installed packing line is suitable for the production of 4oz and 4.5oz custom-moulded multilayer PP cups for Yummy Organics baby food. The new packaging will help the company to expand its presence in the e-commerce market.

The 4oz and 4.5oz custom-moulded multilayer PP cups for Yummy Organics baby food

Berry Global’s technical and manufacturing capabilities have facilitated the US organic baby food brand to replace glass packaging with plastic packaging.

The retortable packs are thermoformed in PP/EVOH/PP and can be hot-filled, helping to extend the ambient shelf-life.

Bebo Bouxwiller is involved in the production of cups, while Bebo Plastik produces the lids.

The integrity and resistance of the packs to breakage will offer significant consumer safety benefits, while the multilayer barrier technology will help extend the freshness and quality of the product for a long time.

The capability of the cups to be nested during storage and transportation will also provide significant logistics benefits.

According to the company, the project was co-ordinated by the sales team at Bramlage Morgantown USA, who supply the products to US distributor TricorBraun.

Berry Global also said that the conversion from glass to plastic in crucial markets such as baby foods is becoming more prevalent both to support e-commerce trade opportunities and provide enhanced consumer convenience and safety.

In July this year, Berry Global completed its acquisition of RPC Group for a purchase price of approximately $6.5bn (£5.1bn), subject to closing adjustments.

Founded in 1991, RPC is a global design and engineering company, which offers plastic and recycled products for packaging and selected non-packaging markets.

The company, which focuses more on rigid and flexible packaging solutions, serves customers across a range of consumer, industrial, and healthcare end markets.

RPC Group operates seven divisions – RPC Ace, RPC Bebo, RPC bpi group, RPC Bramlage, RPC M&H, RPC Promens and RPC Superfos.