The new recyclable industrial films and bags have been manufactured using up to 50% recycled resin content

Pool salt

Indevco Plastics has launched new sustainable heavy duty films and bags. (Credit: INDEVCO Plastics)

Flexible packaging solutions provider Indevco Plastics has introduced new sustainable heavy-duty films and bags for environmentally conscious customers.

The new recyclable industrial films and bags have been produced using up to 50% recycled resin content.

Indevo stated that it uses up to 50% PIR or PCR resins and eco-friendly water-based inks in its heavy-duty FFS film, Centerfold PE film and pre-formed open mouth polybags.

Industrial manufacturers can use the films and bags for the packaging of agricultural minerals, building materials, industrial and pool salt, lawn and garden products, pet food and litter products, and petrochemical products, said the company.

Indevco plastics plant manager Jay Bodine works with resin suppliers on blending and extruding techniques for the Longview facility in Texas, as well as for the Orangeburg greenfield facility in South Carolina.

Indevco also noted that plastic films designed for recyclability enable the regeneration of plastic scrap and packaging waste into new plastic products to boost a circular economy of plastics.

Indevco North America plastics division divisional general manager Wayne Mashe said: “We’ve been using post-industrial recycled (PIR) resins in our blends since we opened in 2015.

“Every film we produce is 100% recyclable, and today we’re optimising how the films with PIR and PCR recycled materials perform, especially for industrial customers.

“We’re capitalising on new technologies from machine manufacturers and resin suppliers to do two things.

“First, increase the amount of recycled resin in every film we produce and, second, keep the key properties of these films on par with films made with 100% virgin resins.”

Last month, Indevco Plastics launched a new recyclable, low-gauge and high-strength collation shrink film for food and beverage manufacturers.