RPC Containers Blackburn has produced a new white spirit bottle in PET for Kalon, designed to offer increased child-resistance, barrier properties and clarity.

In addition to white spirit, the 2-litre bottle will also be used for a range of other products, such as turpentine substitute and brush cleaner, under a variety of brands including Mangers and own label for several leading retailers.

“The accuracy and sophistication of RPC’s injection-moulding process ensures that we can use a bore-seal closure, which creates an effective seal inside the rim of the bottle,” explains Kalon packaging technologist Guy Popplewell.

“Not only does this mean that pressure must be applied to remove the cap before the seal is broken making the bottle more child-resistant but it also prevents product leakages of the product.”

PET’s inherent barrier properties mean that there is no need to employ additional processes such as fluorination to prevent product loss. The PET bottle is lightweight and easy to handle and offers clarity to enhance on-shelf appeal.