Converter Accessory Corp’s new Cor-Lok airshafts and chuck systems feature a freshly engineered tubing (bladder) design contoured to match the geometry of the Cor-Lok’s spiraled shaft body. Compared to previous designs, says CAC, the economical new contoured tubing allows increased gripping power, a longer tubing life and exceptionally easy replacement.

Several air valve options are available to match virtually any plant requirements. To fully inflate, they require only 90 to 120 lb/in2.

According to CAC, Cor-Lok tubing can be quickly and easily sized, on site, to match any CAC airshaft or chuck. Tubing lengths can be ordered in advance and stocked, minimizing downtime, even in plants with many different airshafts and chuck sizes. To facilitate easy change-overs, the tubing is mechanically fixed, rather than vulcanized, to the air valve.

All Cor-Lok airshafts and chucks are said to offer exceptional gripping power over the full core length; feature a wear resistant aluminum leaf locking system, and ensure core protection and damage-free operation. They are lightweight, designed for easy, safe operation, and can be ordered in standard sizes, in 1-12in diameters, or custom engineered.



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