Spectra’s new Apollo II PSK Printhead Support Kit is a complete, self contained development and design tool that supports up to four Spectra 256- or eight 128-channel piezoelectric inkjet printheads. Incorporating electronics and pneumatics modules, the kit is said to provide all the printhead tending functions, fluid delivery, and printing capabilities necessary for successful inkjet printing system design and fluid development.

The CE certified kit also includes support for single pass and scanning architectures. The scanning feature enables systems designers to explore more intricate printer designs and to evaluate them before product implementation.

The Apollo II includes a fully configured and embedded industrial computer that allows setting and adjustment of a wide variety of printhead parameters used for fluid formulation and printer development, and overall systems design evaluation.

The modules include Head Pneumatics, Control and Datapath, Head Drive Electronics, and Fluid Supply. Also included are external connections enabling synchronized printing to a variety of other printing platforms, integration with drop visualization equipment, and communications to a remote computer.

Mounted in a floor based cabinet-on-castors, the unit can be easily wheeled in and around the development area.



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