Laminar Medica believes it has developed the first purpose designed shipper for transport of blood and vaccines.

The flat-pack, re-usable ThermoPorter is portable. it can be used by couriers, paramedics and nurses, while maintaining stable temperatures for multiple openings en route.

Unlike previous systems that tend to comprise elements from various packaging solutions, ThermoPorter is a dedicated system. “What has been on offer until now typically consists of a polystyrene container with an outer of either heavy duty cardboard or something that looks like a promotional cooler bag,” explains Laminar technical manager Geraint Thomas.

ThermoPorter is made from three-ply nylon stuffed with padded insulating material. It is said to offer greater volume of usable space thanks to its vacuum insulated panels. Filled with silica dioxide, it provides insulation as effective as polystyrene but takes up less space.

The container includes tamper-evident strips. ThermoPorter is available in small, medium or large sizes.