HydroJug stainless steel bottle is available in five colour options, while the glass bottle in three colour options

Hydration taken to the next level with the Stainless Steel and Glass HydroJugs.

HydroJug has introduced new sustainable glass and stainless steel water bottles. (Credit: PRNewswire / HydroJug)

HydroJug has introduced a new line of glass and stainless steel water bottles, as part of its efforts to eliminate single-use plastic.

The company has incorporated various features from the Classic HydroJug into the new bottles, including half-gallon capacity, wide mouth opening, and integrated handle.

The glass and stainless steel HydroJugs comes with a new multifunctional lid. The HydroSpout consists of a flip cap, minimalistic dual-function sip spout and detachable straw.

Consumers will have the flexibility to sip water without tilting the bottle when the straw is attached. The HydroJug pours seamlessly when the straw is removed.

The Stainless Steel HydroJug, which is integrated with an insulation technology, is triple layer insulated, including a copper layer.

Designed to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours and warm for up to 12 hours, the bottle is manufactured using 18/8 stainless steel with a matte finish to make it durable and reusable.

The Glass HydroJug is produced using borosilicate glass, which is thermal shatter-resistant to deliver durability.

According to the company, the Glass HydroJug’s wide mouth opening, large integrated handle, and half-gallon capacity features are not available in other glass bottles.

The Glass HydroJug also consists of a silicone sleeve for added insulation and protection. The silicone sleeve is said to enable HydroJug consumers to customise their experience.

HydroJug co-founder and CEO Hayden Wadsworth said: “We wanted a product that does both- sustainability and a clean drinking experience. Nobody is doing this with a half-gallon size and a wide mouth opening.

“We wanted these products to be the highest quality. Every detail was thought through with the customer experience in mind.”

HydroJug stainless steel bottle is available in five colour options for $69.99, while the glass bottle is available in three colour options for $59.99.