APK’s Mersalen LDPE is produced using solvent-based Newcycling technology from complex polyethylene/polyamide multi-layer film scrap

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The laminated tube with recycled-LDPEcontent. (Credit: APK AG)

Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Europe, a part of the Huhtamaki Group, has integrated Germany-based APK’s recycled-content low-density polyethylene (LDPE) into its flexible laminated packaging tube.

The firm selected APK’s LDPE, named Mersalen, which is produced using APK’s solvent-based Newcycling technology from complex polyethylene/polyamide multilayer film scrap.

Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Europe R&D manager Thomas Stroh said that the firm has successfully integrated the first quantities of recycled plastics into one of its standard plastic barrier laminate for tubes.

Stroh added: “This development brings us a major step closer to contributing to the EU’s packaging recycling targets for flexible packaging formats.”

APK business development director Florian Riedl said that the quality and purity of its LDPE recyclate shows properties close to virgin plastics. It is also suitable for a wide range of packaging applications.

New tubes feature laminate from Huhtamak containing 19% Mersalen recyclates

The new tubes, which feature Huhtamaki’s laminate containing 19% Mersalen recyclates, are claimed to perform near identical with the standard referenced plastic barrier laminate structure (PBL) produced using virgin LDPE.

Huhtamaki Flexible Packaging Europe seeks to further increase the percentage of recycled content in its products. It plans to test recyclates based on different feedstock streams.

Riedl added: “When it comes to our waste feedstock streams, APK is looking into all options.

“We are producing recyclates from post-industrial material, we research compounds of post-industrial and post-consumer streams and, of course, we ultimately aim to provide excellent quality from post-consumer mixed plastic waste.”

Huhtamaki and APK are working together to launch the LDPE-recyclates, in compliance with the food contact regulations, in the European market.

Last year, Huhtamaki announced it will launch a new range of recyclable flexible packaging.

The new range of plastics, called Huhtamaki blueloop, is made from mono-material polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). They will be used to pack coffee, snacks, dry food, personal care and other fast-moving consumer products.