HP’s new moulded fibre tooling solution uses advanced digital design platform and industrial 3D printing technology



US-based technology company HP has unveiled a new environmentally friendly packaging and production solution for moulded fibre manufacturers.

The solution comprises new HP moulded fibre advanced tooling technology, which helps to provide advanced design and fabricate high-performance moulded fibre tooling within two weeks compared to six weeks by traditional methods.

HP has collaborated with Pulp Moulding Dies (PMD) to provide the next-generation durable, lighter and easier to use tools. It has worked with PMD to boost moulded fibre tooling capabilities for its customers across the globe to produce different packaging solutions.

The company is also working with packaging solutions provider Veritiv to advance the adoption of sustainable moulded fibre packaging designs for customers in the foodservice, consumer product, medical and industrial markets.

HP said that its new solution is being used by initial customers, including Fibre Innovation, Pacific Pulp Moulding, Western Pulp Products Company and Pulp Moulded Products (PMP) for moulded fibre applications.

Moulded fibre, generally produced using recycled paperboard and newsprint, can also be manufactured using multiple plant cellulose fibres such as bagasse, bamboo and wheat straw.

The biodegradable, recyclable and renewable moulded fibre packaging products are presently used in handling and packaging of various products ranging from food containers to household items and electronics to single-use medical service items.

HP’s new moulded fibre advanced tooling solution uses advanced digital design platform and industrial 3D printing technology, as well as enables to replace handcrafted screens, CNC machining, and manually drilled form tools.

HP’s new tooling solution is developed using vegetable castor oil

The new tooling solution is developed using vegetable castor oil, which is said to be a 100% renewable raw material.

HP’s moulded fibre solutions global head Mariona Company said: “HP operates with sustainable impact at the core of our business and we are proud to bring breakthrough HP innovation and world-class services to manufacturers of moulded fibre products.

“Powerful design capabilities and the advanced production capabilities of our new HP solution are opening up entirely new packaging possibilities for the industry.”

In March this year, HP unveiled new drupa portfolio for HP Indigo digital labels and packaging in a bid to enhance digital label printing capabilities.