When ITW Foils, of Blaenavon, UK, invested in a purpose built Kroenert coater, it needed rapid turnaround of finished reels from the machine’s potential output at top speed of 450m/min – one reel every seven minutes. Operator safety was a priority: heavy manual handling of the shaft and reel had to be eliminated.

A semi automatic lifting and transporting system was custom designed by Dodd Engineering to fit into the existing framework and work around the rewind area, without too much restriction on operator access. The entire assembly runs on a lightweight auminium profile rail and track system supplied by MovoMech, of Sweden. The operator has control of the whole operation, but accuracy and safe repeatability is said to be controlled by the system’s PLC.

More information from Stephen Weston, Dodd Engineering (Northwest) – TEL: +44 (0)1257 261092.