ArmorBuilt wrap has passed an industry approved wildfire simulation burn test for fire resistance


Hexion launches ArmorBuilt fire resistant wrap to help protect wood utility poles. (Credit: KatinkavomWolfenmond from Pixabay)

Hexion is launching ArmorBuilt fire resistant wrap, a new product which greatly improves fire protection when applied to a substrate. ArmorBuilt wrap has passed an industry approved wildfire simulation burn test for fire resistance.

“Hexion is leveraging its decades-long expertise in delivering high-performance solutions for the forest products industry to bring an innovative product to market for the utilities industry,” said Scott McIntyre, North American Business Director, Performance Adhesives. “We continue to expand our portfolio and invest in innovative products that focus on improving safety and sustainability while expanding our manufacturing footprint to accommodate this growth.”

ArmorBuilt wrap is a proprietary wrap from Hexion that is affixed to wood utility poles and can be applied to either new or existing poles. Hexion has been providing high-performing adhesives for decades and has leveraged its expertise to develop a fire-retardant coating for more sustainable wooden utility poles that greatly improves their fire resistance.

Hexion is working with one of the largest wood pole producers in North America to introduce the product to the North American market. To accommodate the expected growth from the ArmorBuilt product line, Hexion is working to expand its Portland, Oregon, facility. Hexion continues to strategically expand its manufacturing capabilities to meet growing customer demand, such as the recent announcement of the increased capacity of its facility in Brimbank, Australia.


Source: Company Press Release