Following the construction of the new packaging facility, Alpla will hire and manage employees at the onsite bottle blowing operation

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Image: Henkel has announced a significant investment at its Bowling Green laundry plant. Photo: courtesy of Henkel AG & Co. KGaA.

German consumer goods firm Henkel has collaborated with Austrian packaging solutions provider Alpla to invest over $130m (£107m) in infrastructure and equipment for a new bottle production area at Henkel’s Bowling Green facility in Kentucky, US.

The infrastructure and equipment is being improved to expand laundry product production at Henkel’s facility in Bowling Green.

Alpla chief financial officer Philipp Lehner said: “We are pleased to build on our presence in the Bowling Green area and expand our 34-year global partnership with Henkel.”

Development of new packaging operation at Bowling Green facility

With more than two million ft² of space, the Bowling Green facility is claimed to be the largest laundry plant operated by Henkel.

Henkel and Alpla’s investments will be used for the development of a new packaging operation with over 170,000ft² of space. The new packaging operation will be managed by Alpla.

Alpla will recruit and manage employees at the onsite bottle blowing operation, following the construction of the new packaging operation. It will help provide specialised expertise and training to their expanding staff at the new operation.

Henkel laundry and home care global supply chain corporate senior vice president Dirk Holbach said: “While these packaging operations will be handled by a trusted supplier with expertise in this area, Henkel will focus on its core expertise of manufacturing and marketing high-quality laundry and home care products that consumers have come to know and trust.

“This partnership represents another step forward in Henkel’s international supply chain strategy to leverage its operational expertise to drive efficiency and sustainability, from manufacturing all the way through to our customers.”

In July this year, Henkel announced that its packaging and consumer goods division has launched a new product technology, dubbed EPIX, to support sustainable packaging materials.

During the same month, Alpla announced that it will work with PTT Global Chemical (GC) on a feasibility study to build a new plastic recycling facility in Thailand.